This Nintendo Switch dock packs a built-in projector for big screen anywhere


This Nintendo Switch dock packs a built-in projector for big screen anywhere

The Nintendo Switch might be the most effective cell gaming console ever created, nevertheless it’s nonetheless not nice at going from enjoying on the go to big screen console expertise while you’re not at house. A brand new dock accent created by a firm referred to as YesOJO goals to vary that, giving Switch the power to mission a screen of as much as 150″ wherever you need to play.

The ‘OJO’ dock contains a built-in micro-projector for the Switch, with a built-in battery that may present as much as 4 hours of gaming on the go. It can mission a screen of between 30″ and 150″ relying in your distance from the projection floor, and it tasks at HD decision with a brightness of 200 lumens.

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Even should you don’t need to play on the projected screen, you need to use the OJO as a backup battery, too, so as to add as much as 4x the battery lifetime of your console by itself. Plus, it may well charger different units, too, by way of USB, together with your smartphone or pill.

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OJO additionally has built-in audio system, although it has an aux port for audio out, too. It helps HDMI connections, too, and may subsequently work with different units to mission outdoors of the Switch, and there are 2x USB-C ports on the OJO as properly.

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The system is up for pre-order now on Indiegogo, with an introductory value of $269 (a $100 low cost from its deliberate retail value of $369 as soon as it’s launched).



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